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Raised Vegetable Garden

It's been a joy and truly a labor of love piecing our raised bed garden together. We learnt a lot from our last/first attempt at gardening and this time we were better planned.

The Best Pizza Dough

We got a bit tired of our whole wheat pizza dough I think we got too accustomed to it and decided it needed some tweaking.

US Road trips

We've made a few road trips around the US. There's a lot to see here and a lot of distance to cover. Here are some of our trips on the east coast.


Panama's carnival celebration in Panama City are supposed to be the second largest in the world. Enjoyed this big party with fantastic street food, dozens of stages and loud music blaring at every corner.


Canada has some of the most beautiful sceneries and landscapes. I hope to drive across to the West coast some day but till then here's a glimpse of Toronto and beyond.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

DIY Guitar Build | The SG Beast

This was my first guitar build which took just over a week. Here's the process that went into the build

  • Covered the fret-board with painter's tape to protect from the finishing work. 
  • Sanded body and neck with 320 grit sandpaper to prep for finishing
  • Applied three coats of Mahogany Satin stain with wet-dry sanding after each coat. I let it dry for 24 hours between coats.
  • Then applied two coats of Tru-oil gun stock oil and buffed the parts after each coat. I let it dry for 24 hours between coats but 6 hours should be enough.
  • Glued the neck onto the body and let the glue cure overnight.
Assembly and wiring
  • Bolt on the volume, tone potentiometers pots and three-way switch to the body.
  • I followed the modern pickup wiring layout as shown in the circuit shown. 
  • The 4 pots need to be grounded together as indicated by the black lines.
  • Attach and solder wires between the three-way switch and pots. Also connect the ground cable from the three-way switch to the ground of the neck pickup volume pot.
  • Run the pickup wires into the main chamber and screw down the pickups. Ensure you place the neck and bridge pickup in their right positions.
  • Solder the pickup connections onto the volume pots as shown.
  • Solder the output jack with the output cable from the three-way switch and the ground cable from the neck pickup tone pot.
  • Solder the capacitors and the wires from the two pickups as shown. That completes the wiring.
  • Install, the scratch plate, back plate, knobs and tuning keys.
  • Put on some strings and you're done

Monday, August 17, 2015

Growing vegetables at home

Last year we truly enjoyed the experience from our raised bed vegetable garden project. This year brought a significant addition into our lives. We weren't sure if we'd be able to manage growing our own vegetables this year. There was only one way to find out. And while we're at it why not raise the bar. So this year we'd set out with two raised beds!

Below you'll find a weekly update with the progress of our vegetable garden.

Week 13: Enjoying our tomatoes and basil this week.

Week 12: We've had a heat wave here and it's been quite a struggle keeping these tomatoes well. With some help we've been able to water them daily. Next year we will have to install drip irrigation. Our tomatoes are now ripening and almost ready to be picked.
Week 12: Tomatoes start to ripen

Week 11: Our fence has proven effective. The little rabbits that frequented us have not been successful getting into the raised beds. This week we've had a lot of peas to enjoy.
Week 11: Lot of peas this week

Week 6: I happened to witness a chipmunk devour half our broccoli plant. It was such a stealth operation that if i hadn't tuned in i'd never know that half the plant disappeared. The next day the entire plant was gone. This broccoli plant wasn't in the raised bed but i wasn't going to take a chance considering the effort we had made to get this far.

We decided to install protective net around the beds to reduce the chance of our plants disappearing. Using the poles of our greenhouse and some plastic fencing I was able to get the job done.

This week we've had a lot of salad, a healthy amount every single day of the week.
Week 6: Installed net around the beds. A lot of salad this week!

Week 5: Enjoyed a lot of radish and spring onions this week. We even cooked the leaves and made a delicious vegetable with coconut. More radish and spring onions have been planted. Need to figure out a natural way to protect our strawberries.
Week 5: Plenty of radish over the week

Week 4: We forgot to protect the beds from one night of frost. We lost a few plants that night which was tragic as they were all grown from seed. Picked up a few new plants and we're back with full occupancy. Our radish are almost ready for picking. We had a strawberry too but the animals got to it first.
Week 4: Survived frost. Radish ready for picking.

Week 1: Switching from a single raised bed to two had its challenges. We'd have to assemble the new bed and then empty the original bed and move it to its new location. The lawn had to be moved as well. After juggling the design on paper we were all set and ready for the the heavy lifting.

The lawn was moved, the beds lined with weed block and then, in went twenty 6 Kg bags of triple mix soil, some manure from our compost bin and some peat moss.

Despite trying to follow the square foot gardening techniques last year, we had cut corners and as a result our tomato crop got damaged. So this year we'd have to be more careful with the layout.

The vegetables that made the list were tomatoes, strawberries, onions, peas, cucumber, radish, lettuce, Swiss chard,cilantro,spinach,beet,broccoli,chives,dill, parsley and beans
Week 1: The raised beds are set.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fast Food Lasagna - Epic Meal Time

This has got to be one of the craziest dinners ever! Eight guys set out to devour ~ 60,000 calories!

Inspired by Fast Food Lasagna from Epic Meal Time, we used Twelve BACONATORS! Twelve Big Macs! Eight packs of bacon! Onion Rings, Big Mac sauce and Jack Daniels meat sauce.
Making Epic Meal Time's Fast Food Lasagna

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Flower Garden

It's year two for our flower garden. The severe winter caused considerable damage to our Swan lake and Don Juan climbing roses. I guess we didn't cover them adequately as they had reached 8 feet high. This year we'd have to devise a better way to protect them. A few new additions as well.