Raised Vegetable Garden

It's been a joy and truly a labor of love piecing our raised bed garden together. We learnt a lot from our last/first attempt at gardening and this time we were better planned.

The Best Pizza Dough

We got a bit tired of our whole wheat pizza dough I think we got too accustomed to it and decided it needed some tweaking.

US Road trips

We've made a few road trips around the US. There's a lot to see here and a lot of distance to cover. Here are some of our trips on the east coast.


Panama's carnival celebration in Panama City are supposed to be the second largest in the world. Enjoyed this big party with fantastic street food, dozens of stages and loud music blaring at every corner.


Canada has some of the most beautiful sceneries and landscapes. I hope to drive across to the West coast some day but till then here's a glimpse of Toronto and beyond.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hennessy Cognac Cheesecake!

I haven't made dessert for a while now. Well time for some Hennessy Cheesecake!

Soak some raisens in Hennessy Cognac. Have a shot of Hennessy too as this ain't gonna be that easy :)

Ok let's start off...

The Ingredients
150g Butter
250g Cottage cheese
400g Dark chocolate
250g Whipped cream
Chocolate biscuits
Hennessy Cognac

Layer 1
Crush Chocolate biscuits in a baking tray and settle it into a base with melted butter.
Stick in in the fridge.

Layer 2
Beat up cottage cheese with cream and melted 200g of dark chocolate
Apply once done on layer 1 and stick it back in the fridge.

Layer 3a
Add a layer of Hennessy soaked raisens

Layer 3b
Heat up whipped cream and melt 100g of dark chocolate which will form the final glazed layer and mix it with layer 3a and stick in back you know where :)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pimp out your Windows Mobile device with SPB Mobile Shell 3.5

A great shell for your Windows Mobile device. Love this skin with it's custom widgets. It makes my beaten up HTC diamond like a brand new device.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shehabake Pastry an Karachi Chicken

Shehabake Pastry


- Spicy sausage
- Pizza Cheese
- Sliced Ham
- Herbs de Provence Mix
- Pastry


- Arrange the ingredients on two layers of the patry and bake it.

Karachi Chicken


- 1 kg chicken pcs.
- 1/2 cup oil
- 3 teaspoons salt
- teaspoon ground cumin
- teaspoon tumeric
- teaspoon ground coriander
- 1/2 teaspoon ground fennel seeds
- teaspoon cayenne pepper
- teaspoon garam masala
- 2 onions chopped
- tablespoon garlic minced
- tablespoon ginger minced
- 2 teaspoons chilli pepper
- cup of chopped tomatoes
- tablespoon lemon juice
- 2 tablespoons fresh coriander finely chopped
- cup of plain yougurt(or sour cream)
- 1/2 cup water


- Heat oil in a large saucepan  and saute onions
- Add salt,cumin,tumeric,ground coriander,ground fennel seeds and cayenne for another 5 minutes.
- Add water,tomatoes,lemon juice and yougurt and mix to a paste.
- Add garlic,ginger and jalapeno and mix.
- Add chicken and stir until all meat is coated.
- Place lid on pot and simmer for 10 minutes check
- Continue until meat is cooked and sauce has reached desired thickness.
- Garnish with freshly chopped coriander and garam masala.